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Other Projects



Naomi's academic research is on the intersection of media, technology, and politics. And if you ask, she can talk for far too long about Burmese hip hop and telecommunications infrastructure. 

She is currently writing a book on the evolution of media, politics, technology, and youth culture in Burma as seen through the birth and development of Burmese hip hop.  

She presented a paper adapted from the book at the 2016 International Burma Studies Conference entitled: What is Politics in Contemporary Burma? A Journey Through the Academy, Burmese Hip Hop, and Burmese Society.  She also presented on her ethnography at Cornell University's Burma/Myanmar Research Forum: Critical Scholarship and the Politics of Transition in October 2014.

She recently did this related article for The Economist.

Not the Hello Kitty Show

Naomi and a co-host are launching the first longform storytelling podcast on Asia.

Find out more and subscribe here.



Past musical projects have often been under pseudonyms; instead of links to those, please find links below to some of the talented artists Naomi has had the pleasure of working with:

Jett Galindo

Isaku Kageyama

Antonio Andrade

Enogene Ayuejitsi

Galen Willett